After a long time in business, Dan E Hinkley returned to his home in the small town of Radford, Virginia to take care of his aging parents. After They passed  away, Dan was going through a depression and was trying To reinvent himself.

It was years earlier that he owned an art gallery in West Memphis and there he painted murals and portraits. He always wanted to return to his talents; Art and design. This wasn’t easy because he considered those his very lean years where he made very little money in which to survive. 

This is not true today since Dan has discovered his niche, which he calls “functional  art.” He has the gift and outdoor furniture markets as new “canvases” for his creations!  

Jimmy Buffett’s "Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude” has inspired him to bring the tropics into the patios and backyards! 

Dan also now does a variety of subjects according to the buyers’ imagination; pets, lighthouses scenes and hobbies, etc. to name a few. 

Enjoy the new additions to the web pages as he paints daily new and exciting subjects, that are 
depicted in his chairs and murals. This is the 18th year
That Dan has been painting  adirondacks!









Springfest 2016 interview

with Dan Hinkley